​When most churches talk about growth, they usually mean growing the number of people in the pews. At St. Mary’s growth means increasing the spititual maturity of our people. We see growth as occurring in at least four ways.


Through expository preaching we try to help people understand what God is saying in the Bible and how to apply it to real life situations.

Bible Studies

We offer three Bible studies a week. Each Bible study works through the scriptures very slowly to get the most meaning possible out of God’s word. Our 10:30 Tuesday Ladies Bible Study is followed by lunch.

Special Adult Education Offerings

Twice a year we offer Alpha. Alpha is a course currently being taught in 60,000 churches which looks at basic questions about life from a Christian point of view. Other programs we’ve offered include, Experiencing God, Nehemiah by Pastor Jack Hayford, The Truth Project and more.

Outside the Walls

At St. Mary’s we really believe that discipleship needs to involve not just listening or viewing, but doing. Because of the many ministries being conducted by our Rock Mission Center members have many opportunities to take the gospel to the streets and to share the love of Christ by serving others “Outside The Walls” of our church building. In Matthew 25 Jesus talks about recognizing His followers because they fed the hungry, clothed, the naked, welcomed strangers, and visited the sick and the prisoners. Members of St. Mary’s grow by having the opportunity to minister to people in these and countless other ways.