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When we worship together, we are guided by what is called a "liturgy". From the Church of England's Common Worship, our liturgy will be familiar to anyone who has been raised in an Anglican or Catholic Church as well as for many Lutherans, Methodists, and Presbyterians.

For new believers and visitors unfamiliar with the Anglican liturgy, the service is nonetheless beautiful and easily followed in our worship bulletin which you will receive at the door when you visit.

Although the liturgy, or order of worship, is a long tradition in the Anglican Church, you'll find our services are also filled with testimony, inspired preaching, beautiful music, and a joy that seems to fill every person who worships with us.

Our worship is a response to God's loving-kindness shown to us through Christ His Son
 and by His mighty works which He has made known to us for generations. It is His desire, even His command, that we should be first about the task of worshipping Him. This we do with open and repentant hearts, and as He commanded, on the Sabbath day.

We celebrate Holy Communion several times each week, and recognize the calendar of the church and its celebrations. We also seek to reveal God in continuing and full ways through the Spirit-led use of the Lectionary which over the course of three years results in our reading in our services the entire Bible.