What to Know


We Are Not Just A Church We Are A Community Who Together Follow What Jesus Teaches, Models, And Believes.

We Have A Simple Focus: Discipleship

Discipleship is a lifestyle of following Jesus. Discipleship undergirds everything we do at St. Mary’s. It’s a simple focus, yes,but it’s the one focus that powered the early church’s incredible growth and fruit in that hostile Roman world. We don’t do consumeristic Christianity. Through Bible studies, teaching, preaching, and hands on ministry we do discipleship.

We Value People

Our church is highly relational—we value people more than we value things. That’s why our strategy as a church has been to get people together. Strategically, this approach is purposely different from getting church stuff together. Like Jesus did, we’re investing in our people. Our greatest resources are our energy, creativity, and love for God and neighbors. Our church membership isn’t just the people in our comfortable chairs on Sundays. It’s all the people we reach out to seven days a week throughout the Northwoods.

We Have Work To Do

We have a vision to start a disciple-making movement in Vilas County. We want to be a healthy church with a rhythm of gathering together weekly to worship(UP), doing life together by being a tangible part of each others’ lives (IN), and serving the community in tangible ways (OUT). Together as we grow we will cover an amazingly diverse collection of networks and neighborhoods with God’s love and blessing.

We Are Anglican, and Our Practices Are Ancient

More than Catholic. More than Protestant. More than Evangelical. More than Charismatic. Drawing from our Christian historical and biblical roots and richness, we are all of these as an Ancient-Future faith community. We desire to help others find a life of meaning, hope, forgiveness and purpose through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Join us for worship as we celebrate through WORD, SACRAMENT, & THE HOLY SPIRIT. We express our faith in and love for Jesus in ways Christians have since the time of Jesus. We are evangelical in our preaching and teaching, a blend of traditions in our worship, and spirit-filled. We have a weekly healing service Wednesdays at 5.


We invite you to join us on our journey and check out what we’re about. We have five services a week and three Bible Studies so there should be a convenient opportunity for you to come alongside in our walk with Jesus. If service is your thing, we also have countless opportunities to serve.