What We’re About

Love God. Love Each Other. Love The World Around Us.

A tripod with all legs extended is balanced and level, able to be what it was made to be and function as it was designed. Similarly, we see areas of focus for those who follow Jesus. These three things in balance in our lives let us be and do what we are designed to be and do. They are:

  • Love God
  • Love Each Other
  • Love the World Around Us

What these 3 mean for us

We love God by coming together to worship and to daily practice the disciplines of prayer and reading the Bible. As Anglicans, our worship gatherings include some ancient ways early Christians worshiped God, and our daily disciplines may include ancient frameworks for prayer.

We love each other by doing life together as a healthy extended family might. We eat together weekly. We frequently meet each other for coffee. Our pastor’s office hours called Cafe Padre are held Thursday mornings at 10:30 at Eagle River Roasters. We celebrate with each other and support each other when needs arise. We pray for one other and serve each other.

We love the world around us by working together to let God really bless others though us. We have established The Rock Mission Center in our new building. The Salvation Army, Northwoods Share Needs Ministry, Community Dinners, and Paper Products Pantry are already here and there are more ministries to come. We also live openly Christian lives as we do the things we love together out in the community. Some of us work as volunteers with the Headwaters Council for the Performing Arts. Others serve on the board and work as volunteers at the Vilas Food Pantry. Some of us support the local library while others work internationally. Some of us are invested in online communities. All of us seek to be the vehicle for God to bless in the places where we work and play.